Afriboom Commercial Cleaning Services

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Using a customized cleaning plan can improve the look of your facility and improve your business. It is common for people to look up the ceiling, the floor, furniture and almost everything when they walk into your facility. First impressions always count and others too. Afriboom understands the special needs and techniques of commercial cleaning to maintain a high business traffic flow, not only business, but we understand the needs of our clients’ needs to have spacious looking facilities. What services does Afriboom offer?

Floor, ceiling and wall cleaning

Wall and ceiling cleaning should be part of cleaning maintenance for your business and home. You should clean them before painting so that paint and primer can adhere properly. Ceiling and walls are exposed to dirt, grease, and other contaminants. If you are just looking for a professional, qualified cleaning or you want to paint, Afriboom professional can help you.

Hard floors like tiles and hardwood are often used in many premises and homes today. After first they appear easy to clean, restore and maintain, however, this material can be hard to clean because they tend to have soil accumulated and you need professional to deal with that. Afriboom has qualified, trained and tested professional who can properly clean and restore your floor back to its original beauty.

Office cleaning

Keeping your business looking at its best means going past the standards with specialty and unique services that will make sure every inch of your premise is clean and shiny. From cleaning, upholstery inside, to cleaning the windows and making them crystal clear, Afriboom does all that. If contacted, Afriboom will make provide a range of unique cleaning services that will enhance your image and that of your working environment. We can clean lower lever as well as high building level.

Office hygiene and bathroom services

Afriboom is proudly favorite operating hygiene Service Company bringing together the very best of products found around the world to provide premium standards of your office and washrooms care. At Afriboom, we are passionate about what we are doing and totally committed to providing the very best cleaning and hygiene solutions for businesses and homes. Our services are cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Contact us about:

  • Hygiene consumables
  • Odor removal and air freshener dispensers
  • Urinals and toilet Sanitizers
  • Hand dryers
  • Well-mooted soap and paper hand towel dispensers and much more.


Afriboom Commercial Cleaning Services

Afriboom commercial cleaning services offer their services on contract cleaning. Honesty and reliability should be your key when it comes to appointing someone to manage your cleaning requirements. If you need your peace of mind that the job will be done impeccably, consistently and efficiently, Afriboom will offer that, just put us to the test.

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